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Woodturning Videos by David Springett

Turning Lace Bobbins. 2 hrs. 24 mins. long. £25:00 plus p&p.

Learn all those tricks of the bobbin making trade including that invaluable short cut that David developed to make him one of the top bobbin makers. Learn how to turn bone & wood, mothers & babes, bees knees, fairings, double fairings. Understand what makes a good working bobbin. Plus a detailed section dealing with bobbin decorating, how to add wire & tinsel, beaded decoration, coloured dots and plenty more. Packed with ideas and techniques.

Woodturning Wizardry. 2 hrs. long. £17:50 plus p&p.

Marvel at the intricacy of David Springett’s work - study his video and you will soon be achieving similar results yourself.

There is a tremendous fascination in watching the creation of a spiked star in a sphere, a set of chinese balls or a lattice pomander.

David developed this aspect of woodturning to a high level after discovering the work of a little known, but highly skilled 18th-century French turner - his thought? “If someone else can do it, so can I” - Now so can you!

Superb detailed step-by-step demonstrations and explanations of these three projects enable you to turn pieces that will intrigue and amaze even other turners.


Choice of wood. Mathematics. Jigs & chucks. Marking points on spheres. Turning spheres. Safety. Tool making.

Reviewed by John Haywood for “Woodturning” magazine “David Springett gives a marvelous introduction to a new world that so many considered unattainable. He clearly demonstrates that if he can do it, so can you. Yes he is a wizard woodturner and this tape shows his magic touch, but unlike the magician there is no sleight of hand! This is a tape that will intrigue and enthrall all who use it and provide the incentive to embark upon such wizardry. An ideal video for woodturning clubs and branches of national organisations, offering a natural introduction to the books.” “With over two hours of viewing, the video also offers great value for money.”

Elliptical Turning. 57 mins.long. £17:50 plus p&p.

David Springett demonstrates the technique which will enable you to create Elliptical frames, dishes, and boxes. This video shows how to build the simple home-made chuck to fit your lathe, enabling you to turn these fascinating pieces on an ordinary lathe.

Postage & packing 1 video UK £2:25, Overseas £3:50, for 2 videos UK £3:50, Overseas £7:00, for 3 videos UK £5:00, Overseas £10:00.